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Trading journal for the crypto space

MyCryptoJournal is a platform that connects to your favorite exchange and empowers you to import, track and analyze your trades. The easy way.

Connect with exchanges

Smart grouping of trades

Advanced trading features

Who's this for?

Using a trading journal is one of the most impactful things you can to do become and stay a profitable trader. It's what separates amateurs from pros. Reviewing trades at the end of each week/month discovers and eliminates mistakes while insuring consistency in profitable trading strategies

Is MCJ right for you?

MCJ is perfect for you if:
  • You take trading seriously
  • You're looking to be profitable consistently
  • You look at trading as a journey that will take many years
  • You're constantly looking for ways to eliminate mistakes because you know that cost a lot of money in the long run
  • You want to know when and where your strategies are working and where you're losing money
  • You already have an excel sheet as a trading journal, but you're searching for a tool that will make data entry and visualisation easier & faster
MCJ is not for you if:
  • You think trading is a ticket to get rich quick
  • You trade for fun
  • You think trading is gambling
  • You trade while on the phone in the car on the way to work/mall
  • You trade by feeling
  • You feel logging your trades and results are a lot of work and not worth it

Connect with exchanges

Import trades directly from exchanges or just add them the old way.

Smart grouping of trades

Automatically groups your partial trades to easily visualize and add trade management notes.


Advanced trading features

Manage your trade using Stop Loss, Take Profit, RR, upload setups and more.

Exchange integrations


What is a trading journal?

A trading journal is similar to a diary that records your trading activity. It is probably the most underrated and underused tool in the arsenal of a trader. And you know why? Because data entry is a pain.

Why should I use a trading journal?

The key to any successful trader is to have some way to measure, track and analyse your performance in order to constantly find ways to improve. World class athletes or football players keep detailed track of what makes them perform better.  A disciplined trader is (usually) a profitable trader, or at least on the way of becoming one.

How does MCJ work?

MyCryptoJournal lets you enter trades in 2 ways: manually or auto import from exchanges. The information about the trade is divided into the basics and advanced view.

The basic view is ordered in a list and can easily be ordered and filtered. It contains info such as pair, quantity, average entry price and P/L. It can also be expanded to show all the sub-trades associated with the respective trade. You know, all those fractional mini-trades that composes a single trade.

The advanced view shows other important information besides the basic view. It includes RR, reason for entering trades, setup names and even images for entry & exit trade setups.

How to connect to your favourite exchange?

MCJ offers easy connectivity with your favourite exchanges. Just go to My Account and connect the exchanges API. Remember, we only need READ ACCESS

Why should you use MCJ?

First of all, if you’re going to use a trading journal (and we hope you are) you have one of three options: excel (which is a pain to manage in the long term) or a professional trading journal. MCJ, on top of to connecting to exchanges and easily importing trades, is accessible from anywhere and has an easy to use interface.

MyCryptoJournal is a platform that connects to your favorite exchange and empowers you to import, track and analyze your trades. The easy way.
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